Byt og retur i butik LEVERING: 1-2 HVERDAGE FRI FRAGT V. 500 KR. Byt og retur i butik GRATIS RETUR ONLINE OG I BUTIK
Byt og retur i butik LEVERING: 1-2 HVERDAGE FRI FRAGT V. 500 KR. Byt og retur i butik GRATIS RETUR ONLINE OG I BUTIK



At MESSAGE, we take our social responsibility very seriously. This is why we require from our suppliers that they sign our Code of Conduct committing them to uphold certain international standards. 

We realise that the textile industry is a big international sinner when it comes to especially the environment, animal welfare and waste. We accept our part of this responsibility, which is why we have developed the following approach to social responsibility.

Universal human rights are a premise for any internationally responsible business, which is why we at MESSAGE consider the protection of basic human rights throughout our supply chain an utmost important area of business. Therefore, we have crafted a Code of Conduct that descends from UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights which aim is to protect basic human rights all across the globe.
Employees all over the world have fundamental rights in connection with employment. We demand that every supplier signs our Code of Conduct to ensure that all requirements regarding employment are upheld at all times and that they comply with all relevant legislations.
MESSAGE is alert and attentive concerning the challenges surrounding building safety in Bangladesh and therefore, we have decided that all subcontractors and factories that are part of MESSAGE’s supply chain and operate in Bangladesh must be equipped with the Bangladesh ACCORD, which is a relatively new system put forth by the Bangladesh government to solve their national issues of structural safety.
Environmental sustainability is something that has been a part of MESSAGE ever since 2009, where we began producing a green line called GoGreen which is made from CO2 neutral lenzing fibres. This basic line is part of the mbyM brand and shows our commitment in reducing our environmental footprint. 
Every autumn, mbyM releases an Outerwear line, which is partly made from Recycle Wool. The wool consists of spillage from other wool productions which is then reconstructed and re-dyed. Wool has a remarkable heat insulating ability and will keep you warm all winter. Read more about the mbyM Outerwear line here.
When mbyM launched the AU17 collection, it contained several new denim qualities, which are sustainable in their development. The denim fabrics chosen are made with a new technology that makes it possible to achieve the same washed look as our normal product line by using far less water in the process. In the future, MESSAGE endeavors to seek new sustainable solutions for our denim collections whenever possible – without compromising on design.



MESSAGE considers animal welfare as a very important topic. No animal should be subjected to animal cruelty, which is why we have adapted a ‘No-Fur’ policy that applies to all MESSAGE activities both in our production and retail shops. We do not source any fur seeing as it is so difficult to control the circumstances surrounding the production of fur. Therefore, we have made the decision that all fur-like products will be made from high quality artificial faux fur to guarantee the well being of animals while providing you with a quality product! 
MESSAGE is a proud member of the Fur Free Retailer, which is a branch of the Fur Free Alliance. You can read more about this on 
In productions where animalistic products are being used, for example leather, we endeavor that these products are second-hand which implies that leather is a bi-product of e.g. food production. 
MESSAGE is aware that live plucking of animals occurs in some parts of the world. Therefore, we have decided to only source down and feathers from suppliers who use 100% non-live plucking! 
You can read more about animal welfare on, which MESSAGE is a proud member of. 

In all modesty
Every year, MESSAGE contributes to the Danish Cancer Society as well as partaking in programmes aimed at supporting women with breast cancer. MESSAGE also supports the Danish Hospital Clowns annually whose main objective is to better conditions for hospitalised children. Moreover, MESSAGE supports FMKB (the Danish branch of The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations) as well as partaking in national fundraising campaigns. 

Our Code of Conduct, in which we outline our supplier requirements, is available here.